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Triple Scented Soy Wax Candles & Melts

Noopy's Handmade (TRIPLE-Scented) Candles & Candle Melts/Tarts have pure uncut PREMIUM fragrance oil for the best quality in scentsFor descriptions of each scent & to order each separate, go to the pages that are in 

alphabetical order.       

                                             WHOLESALE & DEALS!

Soy Wax will Bloom (a white crackle-type look). This is perfectly normal for Soy Wax. It gives it a rustic look. Soy wax has NO CARCINOGENS like paraffin, plus most of my scents are PHTHALATE FREE, which means they are safer to burn than scents with phthalates. Kosher Soy Wax. Noopy's Tarts/Melts are softer than most because of all the Premium Uncut Fragrance Oil in them, so they can be a little messy at times. It is best to use a 25 watt bulb in your regular size warmer, or 15 watts for the small bathroom warmers you plug in. Soy Wax melts at a lower temperature than Paraffin. Most scents will last 2 to 4 days, depending on fragrance, per 2 cubes or 1 round tart. The hotter the bulb or unit, the quicker the scents will "burn" up. In warm weather you can refrigerate them for at least 30 minutes before using them (if needed). If your tarts start getting soft, just pop them out and store in a glass container. They will last a long time that way. Soy Wax is easy to clean by gently heating with a blow dryer and wiping it off with a paper towel.

Lots of great fragrances to choose from! Browse through the web pages to see all the scent descriptions and to order your melts individually. See the complete list of scents below. All Noopy's products are fully guaranteed! Soy wax may look a little crackled, but this is normal with this type of wax. It is called "Blooming". Soy Wax is much cleaner than Paraffin. The candles burn up to 50% longer than paraffin

Noopy's Soy Wax is grown in the U.S.A by American farmers. Triple Super Scented Soy Wax Candle Melts & Candles Today!

Below is a list of scents currently available. If ordering a set on this page, you will pick from list below & email choices.

Note: PF next to scent means Phthalate Free.


Almond PF
Almond Macaroon PF
Apple Cinnamon PF
Acqua di Gio (type) PF
Aromatherapy Relaxation PF
Australian Bamboo Grass PF
Autumn Harvest PF

Baby Powder PF

Bahama Mama PF
Banana Coconut PF
Banana Kiwi PF
Banana Nut Bread PF
Bare Naked Lady
Bayberry PF
Bergamot & Mandarin PF
Bite Me PF
Blackberry Amber (type) PF
Black Raspberry Vanilla (type) PF
Blood Orange PF
Blue Cotton Candy PF
Blue Hawaiian PF
Blueberry Cobbler
Brown Sugar & Fig (type) PF
Butt Naked PF
Butternut Pumpkin PF

Candy Cane PF
Candy Corn PF
Cappuccino Brulee PF
Caramel Popcorn PF
Cashmere & Silk (type) PF
Cherry Bomb PF
Chestnuts & Brown Sugar PF
China Rain PF
Chocolate Amber (type) PF
Christmas Cabin (type) PF
Christmas Holly PF
Cinnamon Stick PF
Clothesline Fresh
Coconut Lime Verbena (type) PF
Cognac & Cubans PF
Country Bumpkin PF
Country Christmas PF

Country Splendor PF
Cranberry Chutney (type) PF
Cranberry Peppermint (type) PF
Creme Brulee PF
Cucumber Melon (type) PF

Dickens Christmas PF
Domestic Goddess PF
Dragon's Blood PF

Early Sunrise PF
Easter Bunny Burps PF
Eucalyptus PF

Fall Harvest PF
Fireside (type) PF
Flowers Galore PF
Frankincense & Myrrh PF
French Vanilla PF
Fresh Cut Roses PF
Fresh Linen PF
Fruity Loops PF
Fudge Brownie PF

Grandpa's Pipe PF
Green Apple Explosion PF
Gingerbread Cookie

Hansel & Gretel's House PF
Hazelnut Coffee PF
Home Sweet Home PF
Home for the Holidays PF
Hot Apple Pie PF
Hot Buttered Rum PF

Island Fresh Gain (type) PF
Island Girl
Island Heat
Island Nectar (type) PF

Jack Frost (type) PF
Jade PF
Jamaica Me Crazy PF
Juicy Lemon PF

Laundromat PF
Lavender & Basil PF
Leather Jacket PF
Lemon Chiffon PF
Lilac PF
Linen Breeze PF
Love Spell (type) PF

Monkey Farts PF
Mulberry PF

Orange Blossom PF
Orange Sherbet PF

Patchouli PF
Pina Colada PF
Pineapple Passion
Piney Woods PF
Pink Flamingo
Pink Sugar (type) PF
Pink Watermelon PF
Pumpkin Pie Spice PF
Pumpkin Souffle PF

Sage & Citrus PF
Seven Up Pound Cake PF
Sex on the Beach PF
Sinus Relief PF
Sleigh Ride PF
Soothing Sandalwood PF
Sugar & Spice PF
Sugar Cookie PF
Sugar Plum Spice PF

Sweet Orange Chili Pepper PF
Sweet Pea (type) PF

Tahitian Waterfall (type) PF
Texas Bluebonnet
Toasted Marshmallow PF
Trick or Treats PF
Tropical Vacation PF
Turtle Poop PF
Tutti Fruity PF
Twilight in the Woods PF

Vanilla Buttercream PF
Vanilla Coconut PF
Vanilla Diva PF
Vanilla Macadamia Nut Coffee PF
Vanilla Pineapple Orange
Vanilla Sandalwood (type)PF

Warm Vanilla Sugar (type) PF
Warm Gathering PF
Winter Snowflakes PF

Other scents for a short time only!

Absinth (type)-PF
Black & White Gingham (type)-PF
Coco Cabana-PF
Egyptian Jasmine-PF
Galactic Grape PF
My Main Squeeze-PF
Orange Blossom Thyme-PF
Orange Sapphire (type) PF
Pink Cotton Candy-PF
Pink Musk-PF
Rose Cognac Sugar
Sexy Little Thing (type)-PF
Verbena & Lemon (type) PF
Wild Rose (type) PF

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Buy in sets of 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, or Wholesale in larger sets. Mix or Match scents!

Check out the Soy Wax Pages with the descriptions of all the scents. They are in Alphabetical Order under several pages.

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