Bonus (free) tarts do not apply to wholesale items.

Please do not order more than 10 of any one scent. You can message me if you would like to get more than 10. I'll let you know if it is available.

Your Sales tax in Texas will refunded you if you email your Tax ID number to terri@noopysproducts.com.


​​Note: PF next to scent means Phthalate Free.


Almond PF
​Almond Macaroon PF
​Apple Cinnamon PF
Apple Pecan Sage PF
Acqua di Gio (type) PF
Aromatherapy Relaxation PF​
Australian Bamboo Grass PF
Autumn Harvest PF
Baby Powder PF
Bahama Mama PF
Banana Coconut PF​
Banana Kiwi​ PF
Banana Nut Bread PF
Bare Naked Lady
Bayberry PF
Bergamot & Mandarin PF​
Bite Me PF​
Blackberry Amber (type) PF
Black Raspberry Vanilla (type) PF
Blood Orange PF​
Blue Cotton Candy PF​
Blue Hawaiian PF
Blueberry Cobbler​ ​
Brown Sugar & Fig (type) PF
Butt Naked PF
Butternut Pumpkin PF
Candy Corn PF
Cappuccino Brulee PF
Caramel Popcorn PF ​
Cashmere & Silk (type) PF​
Cedarwood ​
Cherry Bomb PF
Chestnuts & Brown Sugar PF​
China Rain PF
Chocolate Amber (type) PF
Christmas Cabin (type) PF
Christmas Cravings PF
Christmas Holly PF​
Cinnamon Stick PF
Christmas Treasures PF
​Clothesline Fresh
Coconut Lime Verbena (type) PF
Cognac & Cubans PF​
Country Bumkin PF
Country Christmas PF
Cranberry Chutney (type) PF
Cranberry Peppermint (type) PF
Crème Brulee PF
Cucumber Melon (type) PF
Dickens Christmas PF​
Domestic Goddess PF
Dragon's Blood PF​
Early Sunrise PF
Easter Bunny Burps PF 
Eucalyptus & Spearmint PF​
Fall Harvest​ PF
Fireside (type) PF
Flowers Galore PF
Frankincense & Myrrh PF​
French Vanilla PF
Fresh Cut Roses PF
Fresh Linen PF
Frosted Ice Forest PF​
Fruity Loops PF
Fudge Brownie PF​
Grandpa's Pipe PF
Green Apple Explosion PF​
Gingerbread Cookie
Hansel & Gretel's House PF
Hawaiian Pleasure PF
Hazelnut Coffee PF  
Home Sweet Home PF
Home for the Holidays PF
Hot Apple Pie PF
Hot Buttered Rum PF​
Island Fresh Gain (type) PF
Island Girl
Island Heat
Island Nectar (type) PF​
Jack Frost (Type) PF
Jade PF​
Jamaica Me Crazy PF
Japanese Cherry Blossom PF
Juicy Lemon PF​
Laundromat PF​​
Lavender ​
Lavender & Basil​ PF 
Leather Jacket PF
Lemon Chiffon PF
Lilac PF
Linen Breeze PF
Love Spell (type) PF 
Monkey Farts PF
Mulberry PF
Orange Blossom PF
Orange Sherbet PF​
Patchouli PF 
Pina Colada PF
Pineapple Passion
Piney Woods PF
Pink flamingo
Pink Sugar (type) PF
Pink Watermelon PF​
Pumpkin Pie Spice PF
Pumpkin Souffle PF
Reindeer Poo PF
Sage & Citrus​ PF
Sleigh Ride PF
(Seven) 7-Up Pound Cake PF
Sex on the Beach PF
Sinus Relief PF
Sleigh Ride PF
Soothing Sandalwood​ PF
Sugar Cookie PF
Sugar Plum Spice PF
Summer Favorite PF
Sweet Pea (type) PF
Tahitian Waterfall (type) PF
Texas Bluebonnet
Toasted Marshmallow PF
Trick or Treats PF
Tropical Vacation ​PF
Turtle Poop PF
Tutti Fruity PF​
Twilight in the Woods PF
Vanilla Buttercream PF​
Vanilla Coconut PF
Vanilla Diva PF
Vanilla Macadamia Nut Coffee PF
Vanilla Pineapple Orange
Vanilla Sandalwood (type) PF
Warm Vanilla Sugar (type) PF
Warm Gathering PF
Water Lilly & Jasmine PF 
Winter Garden PF 

Great for Weddings/Parties/Resell

You don't have to be a merchant to buy wholesale!

Noopy's Soy Wax Candles & Melts are made with Kosher Soy Wax, loaded with Pure Uncut Fragrance Oil! This will make these melts/tarts softer than others you are used to using. If buying for resale, over handling will make the containers a little messy, so watch customers as they check out your scents. Oh course a soft dry cloth around the rim should make them good as new again.

Melts/tarts can be put in the refrigerator if they get soft from the heat. This will make them easy to handle. Noopy's Soy Wax products are unique and these instructions will help you and/or your customers enjoy them to the fullest.
Wholesale candle melts:
50 Clam Shells/6-packs only $114.99. You pick scents and email them to me at terri@noopysproducts.com. OR pick Popular Mix to get an assortment of my best sellers!

Wholesale candle melts:
100 Clam Shells/6-packs only $215.99. You pick scents and email them to me at terri@noopysproducts.com. OR pick Popular Mix to get an assortment of my best sellers!

Smaller Wholesale Deal! Candle Melts:
20 Clam Shells/6 packs only $54.99. You pick scents & email to me at terri@noopysproducts.com.
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